Friday, 1 April 2016

Week 23: Week 8: Going home for the first time since Christmas!


Slowly getting to catch up with these posts - my new goal is to get up to date by the time I go back to uni after Easter and when I've written this post I only have one more to go! Almost back on track!

The Monday of Week 23, I actually made it in for my 9am lecture! The first time I made it in in quite a few weeks! But I was there, I then spent three hours in the library working on a law assignment and then went back for a seminar that afternoon. We have a guest lecturer for the next few weeks and it brings a different angle to my writing development unit, that's for sure!

It's a miracle... I also made it in for my 9am law lecture! It wasn't much use though - I have one particular lecture who isn't very good and my seminar wasn't very good either, but it was with a different not very good lecturer! Let's just say I'm not enjoying law all that much! After the seminar, I went for a tutorial with my level tutor and got to give my feedback on the year so far, which was useful I guess.

Wednesday was the traditional News Day but it wasn't the most interesting story - did you know March is National Bed Month? I didn't! And I don't know how much I care either but here we are! I left a little bit early (after handing in my video assignment five days early!) because I wasn't feeling very well... again... the end of term was breaking me a little bit.

On Thursday however, I went home for the first time in three months - I hadn't seen my family at all in that time but I came home to see my old dance school's show! It was so strange to be watching it and not dancing in it but it was amazing nonetheless, I'm not ashamed to admit I cried! I have a blog post planned on my personal blog but I'm yet to write it up - I'll link it on my Facebook page when I do!

Friday I may have skipped video... for convenience's sake... I was up at home and it would be 4 hours of train to get back for video at 1 to then come back up to Nottingham for a dance competition the next day! When my alternative was to stay at home and get a 1 hour train over to Nottingham on the Saturday... simple decision right? And it just happened to be that my old school that I spent seven years at were doing their production of 'Singin' in the Rain' that week as well... so I went to see that too... I wasn't skiving I promise!

Then that weekend I went to my last dance competition in Nottingham. I snuck away a bit early to get trains home because I didn't want to be arriving back home at 2am when I had a 9am the following day so the dance season didn't get a real conclusion. But we came 2nd and I think we scored really well so I'm still proud of what we achieved!

And now, only one more week till I'm home again for the Easter holidays... brilliant!

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